Timeless Glass Keepsakes
When a loved one passes, they are never truly gone unless they are forgotten.  That's why we created Timeless Glass Keepsakes, a beautiful piece of glass art with a small amount of your cherished pets cremains used as the design element.  With Timeless Glass Keepsakes they will always be remembered in a treasured piece of art.  Each keepsake is created by hand one at a time by glass artist Mike Mount and is as unique as a finger print and like the loved one you want to remember, truly one of a kind.  While an urn is a great way to house the remains of your loved one, Timeless Glass Keepsakes are an extension of that memorial with three different styles that can be displayed in the office, home or even carried in your pocket or worn as a piece of jewelry.  So if you're looking for an out of the ordinary way to remember that extraordinary pet, Timeless Glass Keepsakes are just that.

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Char Mac
Saying goodbye to the one you love
Pendent / Suncatcher
1" wide x 1 1/4 high
1 1/4" diameter
Globe/Wood Stand
1 1/8" diameter
All sizes are approximate